20 Dec 2017


Leaks are like a wallet with a hole in it. Leaks translate into cold cash. Allowing leaks to exist without leak identification and repair program will add a hidden cost to the products your company produces which can negatively impact the ability of the company to compete and affect profitability. The time to stop them is now. Energy is not going to get less expensive. Not many people know how compressed air is actually produced and what is involved in the delivery of compressed air in a factory. This is the main reason why most people are surprised about how expensive compressed air really is to use.

In most companies 20-50% of the produced air is wasted primarily through Leakages. Misuse, artificial demand, too high pressure, poorly engineered blowing applications make up for the rest. Compressed gases can be costly in more than the obvious. The cost of producing or purchasing the gas is one factor. Safety, the environment and equipment degradation caused by leaks and equipment inefficiencies can all add up in many ways that can impact on company’s ability to compete and maintain profitability.

A planned, comprehensive leak survey program can provide saving that can improve plant-wide productivity and profitability.