12 Jan 2018


Understanding the environmental aspects of compressed air is an important part of the energy saving process. To produce compressed air is a very inefficient process, only 5-6% of the total power input is converted to usable mechanical energy. That makes it easier to understand why compressed air generally is the most expensive media a company uses consequently, what appears as minor compressed air savings are in reality substantial power savings. If we can save energy we reduce our carbon footprint. Of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8-10 percent may be converted into useful energy that can do work at the point of use. Minimizing Waste is vital, as the right approach can save over 30% of the energy used.

We recommend the following carbon saving compressed air measures :

  • Reduce the pressure
  • Test for and fix leaks
  • Check where compressed air is really required
  • See if compressed air would be delivered more efficiently
  • Switch off compressors when not in use
  • Don’t over treat air.