27 April 2018


The total investment year on year on a compressed air system supply is highly dependent upon the periodic maintenance done on the system. A running plant has many avenues to spend from their maintenance budget annually to see where they can save on breakdowns, expensive repairs and other production related losses connected to these issues.

Whereas in the Short term, optimization of the compressed air system save substantial costs but, it does not give a substantiated saving on the total amount of air which is being utilized in the plant. Motor Control and Heat Recovery do also give tangible savings but over a longer period of time which can be spread over a period of two to three years where a planned approach to the same yields substantiated benefits.

For immediate measures a proper leakage management program like the LMS NORDIC set in place saves a lot of money and improves on the system pressures resulting in improvement in manufacturing efficiencies and greater outputs as compared to what was the state of the plant before the LMS was put in place.

Findings range to about almost 35 to 40% savings in compressed air costs related to power consumption which is very high as compared to other measures which could be adopted to realize immediate savings from any other resource being consumed by he plant for its production.

When calculating the Return on Investment ROI on the measures taken to save energy in the plant it makes complete sense to invest in THE LMS NORDIC with a proper planning for leakage identification, rectification and reassessment of the total savings. A program which, when implemented annually results in major savings year on year with excellent performance characteristics and minimum break downs of critical equipment in the plant, improving bottom lines and reducing strain on the management to cut corners the to poor production outputs.